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When I buy platinum(Daoc) from you, sometimes I get mansion deeds, how can I turn that into platinum?

Each character can only hold 200 platinum maximum, so if you buy more than 200 platinum we will give you mansion deeds that are worth 25 platinum a piece.  Simply go to any merchant and sell them for 25 platinum a piece.

Daoc PL How work?If i dont want give info, i can got a pl?

Yes.We are 100% Safe and Fast for daoc powerlevel.if dont want give info that is work. we will invite in group.msg at live chat when start,  

When I paid for a powerlevel, when did it start?

Usually, we start within an hour and occasionally delay, but we can ensure that we can finish it on time.

I'm very interested in your daoc template. How about the template? How does it work?

Yes. we do best of best template for daoc,if you have a template,so show at live chat, you will got a price.the price depends on the rarity of items.if you dont have a template, you just order at site,we will build a best for you.when all items done,. we will put at your toon, if you dont give info, we will give your email a tell. come live chat for trade all items. template order link:

I reach a certain amount of spending money, I have some discount?

Yes,We have a discount system, the prerequisite is to be registered as a member of our site, specific discounts as follows:
1.  When you have reached $200 spent, you will be VIP-2 and receive a 2% discount.
2.  When you have reached $500 spent, you will be VIP-3 and receive a 5% discount.
3.  When you have reached $1000 spent, you will be VIP-4 and receive a 7% discount.
4.  When you have reached $2000 spent, you will be VIP-5 and receive a10% discount.

Why i cant buy Gold/Platinum?Price displayed is $0?

If you see the price of gold / platinum display for $ 0 when it means out stock,want ask when have in stock?contact our 7x24 online customer service, thank you.

How to pay two different orders at the same time? For example, items and powerlevel?

Sorry. We don't have the function of shopping cart for the time being. You can contact livechat make a link for payment of the total amount. All items are. You just need to click Add. Click Check out. Complete payment.

What kind of payment types can I choose to pay for my order on your website?

We accept payments by paypal, Western Union, money order as well as checks E-checks.paypal
is our preferred method of payment though ,if you do not have one, you can also
pay by credit cart, such as Visa MasterCard, Discover and American Express is also
acceptable. What sort of information shall be included with my payment.

I was curious on if you had any testimonials or something. I'm very interested in purchasing some items, but not convinced this isn't a scam or something. so a little worried

First of all, all the content displayed on our site, we can do, including the time required, we can also be completed on time. Second,You do not need it is a scam, because we are very reputable, we are guaranteed to be completed within the stipulated time, if not completed within the stipulated time. 100% refund of your purchase price.  

Why does your price change so frequently?

We change our prices in accordance with market supply and demand. And we strive to offer our buyers lowest price and best service in this market. This is the reason why our price keeps fluctuating.

How does the process of the trading do?

After you paid, please contact us in our chat room, we will deliver the currency as soon as possible after we verified your order.

Is affiliated with any game companies?

No. is a completely independent company that has emerged as a result of the demand for currency in online games. We do not have any affiliations with any game companies.

Is this business safe and legal?

The stock we have available has been purchased legitimately from game players and professionals the world over who chose to sell their excess. During the entire process of acquiring the virtual currency to selling it to our customers, no real world laws are broken.


We have very strict internal policy to ensure that all information concerning your account will be confidential. We will never ask any vital information such as password question or password hint that will threat your account safety. Furthermore, your personal and character's information will be absolutely confidential. During the power-level process, our players will not talk to anyone in the game without your request.

how to solve the problem when Submit not success?

our site tested many kinds of Browser ,if receive data error .Suggest that you can change the Browser and update the new version, or you can contact our live-chat  to solve it.

How long does the delivery take?

It will take 10-30 minutes generally according to different purchase amounts. It will take at most 36 hours to deliver if your order a large amount and we may give you some discounts. If we still can't deliver in 36 hours, we will give you some discount for your waiting. Please see the details in each game introduction.

Is it safe for me to pay online?

It's safe. There is a link leading you to paypal page when you pay. The information that you should provide is for paypal but NOT for Daocpp. So Daocpp can not get any information about your credit card or your password. And technical experts point out that online purchases without human intervention are far safer than traditional credit card transactions because the information is immediately encrypted into a scrambled message that can only be decrypted by an authorized computer.

I login the Live Chat but you are not responding. What's the matter?

Under such situation, we urge you to hold your cool and be a little more patient with us. Our customer service representative may be temporally away from their work station or either that, we may be experiencing high traffic volume on our live Chat system. After all, you are served by a human being behind a computer. Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated in this matter. But we will try to respond you as soon as possible.

Will using your services ban my account?

No. We have been selling items to hundreds of customers in wow games. Our customers have never been banned using our services.You just go into the raids with a team and get the items.

Do you have any refund policy if I didn' t get delivered for my order?

Yes, we do. If we are failed to contact the customers or cant finish the order,the order will be hold and 100% purchase price will be promptly refunded.

How secure is your service? Is it safe if I release my account name and password to you?

Yes. At  Daocpp, we take safeguarding your personal information very seriously.All staff members hold a profession standard in our service provided. We have developed strict policies to guarantee our customer's privacy. The only person can access your information is our teamleader. Once the raids are completed, We will advise you that the service has been completed and that you should change your password as a precaution

Got any other problems?

Please contact us to have instant helping by live chat or MSN.


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